Saturday, October 24, 2020


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The Knowldale Autumn Tour 2020

Saturday 3rd October

Sponsored by JC Mills Ltd

Welcome to the third running of the Knowldale Autumn Tour.  

Due to COVID restrictions, we have had to make some changes in the organisation of the event relating to the entries process and the formalities at the start and finish.

To avoid unnecessary handling of documents:

  1. All entries must be made on-line using the entry form (link below,}  and must be paid for via bank transfer.
  2. "Signing on" will be conducted on line when possible.
  3. All documentation given out at the Start will have been prepared at least two days in advance and left untouched by hand thereafter.
  4. Officials handing out documentation at the start will wear PPE.
  5. At the finish there will be a drop-box for the return of check sheets and damage declaration forms.
  6. Further details of the arrangements and your responsibilities will be distributed in the Final Instructions

The Start and Finish Venues

  1. As a club we are unable to book a venue (for such a large group) to provide refreshments at the Start and Finish venues.
  2. However, for those who wish to go in as individuals, Birch Services Eastbound will be open and serving food and beverages and the toilets will be open. (Face masks must be worn inside the building.) There is also a drive through coffee shop in the car park.
  3. Similarly at the Finish, Milnrow Cricket Club will be open and serving drinks and of course has toilet facilities, but cannot provide a meal service. Social distancing restrictions will apply, therefore...
  4. There will be no "Get Together" inside the finish venue.

In the car, unless travelling with someone from your household, facemasks should be worn.

Other than that, the route is a cracker, and we hope to see you on Saturday 3rd Ocober!

The Organising Team

The ASRs (Regulations) are available here.

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